Asset Management

Construction Machinery, Containers, Lifts, Tractors, Trailers, Tools, etc.

Efficient routing and monitoring of machinery (e.g. agricultural machinery, power generators, construction and road machinery, lifts, vending machines, ATMs, pump-stations, etc.) and valuable items (e.g. goods, safety boxes, artworks, money, medications, live human organs, precious stones, jewellery, etc.) gives a significant competitive advantage and is perhaps the most secure way of keeping these items safe. This system entails real-time monitoring and the carrying out of special measurements. It also provides all statistical data concerning the machinery / objects that are monitored. In this way a company is in a position to know at any time, on the basis of real data, the status, quantity, historical background, temperature measurement and other useful information, while promptly providing information on any possible loss, theft or failure in handling shipments. It is perhaps the most ideal solution for companies that manage or rent small or large numbers of machinery and vehicles, such as building companies, energy generating companies, etc.


Track and History : Live tracking and monitoring and historic playback of any past movement or activity

Reports: Multiple reports to detail each aspect of asset activity

Alerts:Real-time warnings to highlight any significant or unauthorized activity

Fuel:Fuel monitoring and analysis

In addition to the above services that Piperaris Telematics offers, there is a range of add-on features such as (depending on the type):

Monitor engine running time for maintenance

Ensuring that the asset does not leave the specified area (e.g., unauthorized traffic or theft)

Ensure that the asset is not active outside of the normal hours

Custom Reports and Notifications

Temperature monitoring

Door Sensor

Vehicle and cargo video surveillance

Measurable efficiencies and cost-savings:

Increased asset utilization

Reduction in fuel and maintenance expenses

Reduction of incidents of theft and vandalism

Sectors technology can be applied to

  • Providers of mobile and crawler heavy cranes and heavy transportation services
  • Oil & Gas Sector
  • Municipalities

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