Cargo and Transport Management and Logistics

Cargo, merchandise in container, gps tracking of either the goods or the entire container

Cargo Management refers to the verification of defined shipment conditions for high-value goods - such as pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment or consumer electronics - from manufacturer sites or distribution centers to their point of delivery. Piperaris Telematics provides end-to-end "visibility" for your cargo, from the manufacturing site to the point of delivery. Your cargo will be completely monitored and traceable through the supply-chain providing environmental conditions using sensors, movement monitoring, crash detection, tampering alerts, impact, geofence alerts, and more. This ensures the cargo actually reaches its destination intact.

Additionally Piperaris Telematics offers trucks, earth-movers, paving equipment, dumpsters, generators and machinery that often left for long periods on construction sites a continuous monitoring at all times and provides movement and unauthorized use alerts. Rental businesses that specialize in equipment and assets for short term rental - such as storage containers, construction machines, electricity generators, trailers, caravans, chemical toilets, etc – need to know where their assets are, or at least know the current condition of their assets, in order to utilize them to their maximum.


Track and History : Real time tracking and monitoring and historic playback of any past movement or activity

Reports: Multiple reports to detail each aspect of the trailer activity

Alerts:Real-time warnings to highlight any significant or unauthorized activity

In addition to the above services that Piperaris Telematics offers, there is a range of add-on features such as:

Monitoring moving trailers and containers

Ensuring that the trailer does not leave the pre-specified area once detached from a truck (e.g., unauthorized use or theft)

Monitoring condition changes in the trailer (e.g., temperature, open / closed doors)

Increase the use of trailer and container

Trailer ID (to determine which trailer is linked to a vehicle)

Door monitoring

Monitoring of temperature, humidity etc

Tracking boxes and container on the move

Ensuring that the boxes or containers do not leave the pre-specified area once detached from a truck (e.g., unauthorized use or theft)

Custom Reports and Notifications

Container and cargo video surveillance

Measurable efficiencies and cost-savings:

Increased use of trailers and containers

Reduction of maintenance costs

Reducing theft and vandalism

Sectors technology can be applied to


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