Locating Persons /Animals / Objects

This is a tiny tracker that has great and multiple functions and offers a variety of security solutions at all levels. It is suitable for the personal monitoring of the elderly, children, patients, people who need special care, as well as for hunters, fishermen, divers, sportsmen, runners, lone workers, etc. It is also suitable for all living organisms such as pets, zoo animals, wildlife, livestock, etc. It can inform, localize and track the position of the holder of the tracker.

Monitoring is carried out in real time and has a built-in memory so that every user can identify at any time the exact location of the holder by means of sms or e-mail, thus enabling absolute motion control. The system gives an alert in case of a fall, collision or removal of a person or animal from a specific location. In cases of emergency, it has an SOS button which is activated and promptly notifies the user by opening a two-way audio communication. The system fully complies with all European standards, regulations and guidelines for Lone Workers.


Track and History : Live tracking and monitoring and historic playback of any past movement or activity

Reports: Multiple reports to detail each aspect of the location and movement activity

Alerts:Real-time warnings to highlight any significant or unauthorized activity

Communication:Two-way messaging and voice communication

In addition to the above services that Piperaris Telematics offers, there is a range of add-on features such as:

Two way communication

SOS alarm

Listen-in in case of an accident, attack, or kidnapping

Find lost or stolen items

Monitoring of the location of children

Monitoring elderly and sick people

Detect fall and sudden movements and sent immediate help

Monitor new young drivers

Protect personal cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and other important assets

Track and monitor luggage and packages

Monitoring of the location of pets

Detect barking and notify by SMS

Listen-in to give commands to the pets remotely

Find lost or stolen pets

Measurable efficiencies and cost-savings:

Recover lost items

Reduce insurance cost by tracking young drivers

Offer security and protection to children and elderly

Rapid response in case of an accident or sickness

Recover lost pets

Sectors technology can be applied to

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Outdoors activities
  • Driving school to use as a driving report and lessons
  • Personal items and family

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