Online Telematics – gps.piperaris.com

This is a sophisticated and perhaps the most advanced web based platform in the market. It offers a wide range of information to more than 1.000.000 users. It is compatible with almost all well-known telematics trackers worldwide. In parallel, it converts every smart phone / tablet into a tracker. It has available a positioning system (GPS/GLONASS) and android and iOS functionalities. A unified web management service environment, based entirely on cloud service.

It is perhaps the only platform worldwide that provides simultaneous management, monitoring, tracking and navigation operations that can be applied in a variety of fields such as vehicle fleets, machinery / objects and can also be used for monitoring persons and generally living organisms.

At the same time, this platform is accompanied by supporting operating and management android and iOS Apps. It provides timely, accurate, precise and fully automated information in a user-friendly environment which is fully compatible with all well-known maps available on the market and makes the taking of decisions amazingly simple since it is based on real time actual facts and information.

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