Personnel Management (Lone Workers)

Staff safety and security is important, but how do we protect employees in unexpected events where staff are working on their own and an accident takes place?

If the individual is knocked unconscious, they don't have the ability to alert anyone. If the accident is more serious, time is of the essence in what may become a potentially fatal event. Piperaris telematics provides a solution to identify a lone worker emergency and take the appropriate actions.

Lone workers are factory worker doing a night shift, maintenance worker on a high lift platform, nurse making home visits, farmer in their field, geologist and forestry employees, environmental officers and everyone that has to perform a task or work alone for short or long period.

Piperaris telematics offers devices that can identify the location of the employees at any time, extended inactivity (sign of an accident or illness), fall, crash, and SOS button in case of an emergency (attack, accident, theft etc.)


Track and History : Live tracking and monitoring and historic playback of any past movement or activity

Reports: Multiple reports to detail each aspect of the lone worker activity

Alerts:Real-time warnings to highlight any significant or unauthorized activity

Communication:Two-way messaging and voice communication

In addition to the above services that Piperaris Telematics offers, there is a range of add-on features such as:

Two way communication

SOS alarm

Listen-in in case of an accident, attack, or kidnapping

Monitor the position of the employee

Ability to locate the nearest employee for another job

Locating fall and sudden movements and dispatch assistance

Locating excessive immobility (sign that something is wrong) and send immediate assistance

Measurable efficiencies and cost-savings:

Increase employee work utilization

Reduction in wasted time

Offer security and protection to employees

Rapid response in case of an accident or sickness

Sectors technology can be applied to

  • Inspectors
  • Fire and police
  • Military

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