Piperaris Telematics

Fleet Management

Fleet management provides all the tools needed for increasing the productivity of an enterprise, while also significantly increasing the level of safety. Fleet management also assists in coordinating all working processes, points of interest (P.O.I) personnel, routes, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and other key and important information (e.g. temperature) by providing optimal and expected results once each task/route is completed.

Asset Management

Efficient routing and monitoring of machinery (e.g. agricultural machinery, power generators, construction and road machinery, lifts, vending machines, ATMs, pump-stations, etc.) and valuable items (e.g. goods, safety boxes, artworks, money, medications, live human organs, precious stones, jewellery, etc.) gives a significant competitive advantage and is perhaps the most secure way of keeping these items safe. 

Cargo and Transport Management and Logistics

This system entails real-time monitoring and the carrying out of special measurements. It also provides all statistical data concerning the machinery / objects that are monitored. In this way a company is in a position to know at any time, on the basis of real data, the status, quantity, historical background, temperature measurement and other useful information, while promptly providing information on any possible loss, theft or failure in handling shipments. 

Personnel Management (Lone Workers)

Monitoring is carried out in real time and has a built-in memory so that every user can identify at any time the exact location of the holder by means of sms or e-mail, thus enabling absolute motion control. The system gives an alert in case of a fall, collision or removal of a person or animal from a specific location. In cases of emergency, it has an SOS button which is activated and promptly notifies the user by opening a two-way audio communication...

Cold Chain (EN 12830) Management

Cold Chain is well suited for the maintenance and proper delivery of perishable and pharmaceutical products. The whole process of transfer from production to transport and transport to the sender (restaurants, fruit stores, pharmacies) and eventually to consumer requires proper and rigorous monitoring, proper storage and handling of transportation (domestic and international) under appropriate conditions...

Locating Persons /Animals / Objects

It is suitable for the personal monitoring of the elderly, children, patients, people who need special care, as well as for hunters, fishermen, divers, sportsmen, runners, lone workers, etc. It is also suitable for all living organisms such as pets, zoo animals, wildlife, livestock, etc. It can inform, localize and track the position of the holder of the tracker.


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