Cold Chain (EN 12830) Management

Cold Chain provides superior solution that meets the food and pharmaceutical industry’s requirements to improve the control of goods in the warehouse and to operate a smarter and safer supply chain. Companies who import, manufacture, store and transport high value goods and raw materials which are also temperature and humidity sensitive, can use Piperaris Cold Chain solutions to monitor the goods during storage and transportation.

The real-time visibility and monitoring, combined with alarm and alerts improves the security and confidence in the product’s quality supplied to every customer, leading to increased customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and an enhanced brand reputation.


Track and History : Live tracking and monitoring and historic playback of any past movement or activity

Reports: Multiple reports for every detail of temperature, humidity, light, etc.

Alerts:Real-time warnings to highlight any significant or unauthorized activity

In addition to the above services that Piperaris Telematics offers, there is a range of add-on features such as:

Monitoring of vehicles and containers when moving

Monitoring the status of any changes in temperature, humidity, open/closed doors etc.

Ensuring that the boxes or containers do not leave the pre-specified area once detached from a truck (e.g., unauthorized use or theft)

Customized reporting and alerting

Vehicle and cargo video surveillance

Measurable efficiencies and cost-savings:

Protection of perishable or medicinal products

Reduce financial loss due to product destruction

Reduce theft incidents

Compliance with the regulations for the transport and storage of refrigerant products

Sectors technology can be applied to

  • Transport of agricultural products (perishable)
  • Exports of food, medicines, and other products that require temperature control

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